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EBook Conversion

Best in Class eBook Production for Rendering on All Devices

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Various Input Formats: SIT ePublishing has ability in a wide range of transformations from an expanded scope of information designs, encouraging:

  1. Quark, InDesign and PDF to eBooks
  2. Printed copy to eBook Conversion
  3. XML Conversion
  4. Compositions, Print, Image and Word records Conversion
Compatibility For All Key Readers:
  1. ePub3 for Apple, Kobo; Google, Samsung and other Android devices and Overdrive.
  2. Kindle for Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite
  3. Page Perfect PDF for Barnes & Noble NOOK, and Nook Kids ePIB that supports interactivity for Nook Colour
Your Content Is Transformed To The Best Publishing Standards:
  1. Integrating audio and video files, using HTML5 with ePub3 for enhanced eBooks or read aloud/ audio books
  2. Embedding animation effects, using CSS3
  3. Integrating interactive exercises, puzzles, games, Flash Cards, etc.
  4. Producing fixed-layout eBooks
  5. Web Accessible eBooks
  6. Multilingual eBooks

EBook Production Workflow

Digital-native, backlist and print-to-digital titles, as required by different platforms and genres.

Testing on disparate devices—Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., to evaluate features and functionality, and accordingly incorporate adjustments, and address other concerns Conduct asset research for procurement of digital media rights & permissions Define suitable vocabularies, identifiers, syntax to express metadata, metadata tagging.

Our workflows are adaptable for all kinds of books (from children's literature to cookbooks, and academic publications), newspapers, STM journals, archival content or any other content type.

About Images

Fixed Layout

Digital Reading Experience Using HTML5/EPub3

ePub bundle creation just as approval.

Progressed, responsive format in ePub3 for a solid introduction of visual data in all sizes and directions.

ePub for instruction for growing semantically-upgraded ePub for Interactive eTextbooks and other learning content.

ePub 3 combined with HTML5 and CSS3 for intuitive distributions.

Fixed format (Enhanced/Multimedia/Read-Aloud) ePub for data rich perceptions in cookbooks, verse, course readings, kids' books or some other book containing delineations.

Digital Transformation With KF8 Conversion

Utilizing the progressed KF8 highlights, Etechglobalserve ePublishing helps in making progressed KF8 eBooks in both re-stream capable organization for text-substantial titles, fixed-design position for kids' image books, funnies and realistic books, and Kindle version with sound/video group.

We can upgrade your eBook by including rich media content from different sources, and supplement course reading material with evaluations and activities, multi-media address notes, and other customized content.